Hero dribble and hero combos

Kill Magina with Tormented Soul with avoiding your mana getting burnt, how to run away from Blink Strikers like Rikimaru, imba Pugna spells, good Sand King + Luna combo, Pudge hooks (if u liked them there is an older post with a video just for Pudge hooks) and tips for not allowing your enemy to teleport...worth watching

Gameplay guide

How to save yourself from Omislash on bugged places on the terrain, interesting Meepo trick, trap your enemy with Venomancer just using some of his serpents, play around with noobs :D, and some sweet Pudge hooks vs Mirana and Magina

How to Dota?

After watching this you will learn some good tricks with Morphling,Sand King and you will find out which is the best item for Raigor - The Earthshaker, also some good arrows and leaps by Mirana

The Art of DotA

Here are some interesting fighting tips i found, how to attack, how to hide,when to cast and where etc...very interesting, worth watching

How to Hook with Pudge

Pudge - The Butcher is maybe the hardest hero to play, because you have to aim with the hook, unlike the other heroes with which you just click on the enemy hero and you have done the job.Here are some interesting places on the map for a good hook, and good hooking tricks...enjoy

Blikning Tricks

Here are some good tricks with Sand Kings first spell, and combination of Blink and First spell of The Keeper Of The Light - Ezalor.The terrain of the DotA map is very buggy, so there are very interesting tricks you can do with these two heroes

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